S02E04 – UK Manufacturing and the 2022 Energy Crisis

The Metal Guys Talk Business

This is a bonus podcast featuring in season 2 of The Metal Guys Talk Business.

In this episode we were joined by Liam Conway, Head of Business Development at Control Energy Costs.

With energy prices at the top of many manufacturers’ agendas this year, Liam talks us through the reasons why energy costs have spiked so dramatically, what today’s (21st September 2022) government announcement means for businesses in the UK, and what companies could be doing to best try and protect themselves from the current situation.

This podcast was recorded online on the 21st of September 2022 only hours after the government energy announcements. It is yet to be seen what the final or lasting impact will be of the energy crisis that is disrupting European Businesses, but we hope this podcast gives you an honest opinion on today’s events.


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