We believe in being completely open and transparent about our fees.

We hope to build trust from the very first point of contact, which in this instance is you being here on our website reading this sentence.

We have found that being transparent about our fees is an important step in building that trust, and it ensures that you are fully informed right from the outset about what each of our services costs and the value you’ll receive for them.

Our clients usually select a few of our different services, meaning that each engagement is costed differently, but at least by giving an estimate for each type of service that we offer you can get an idea of the overall cost.

We will, of course, agree a set of terms with you at the commencement of our engagement, which will include a breakdown of exactly what we are going to do, when we are going to do it, our fees, and what we need from you.

Our fees will be outlined in full in our tender document and locked in at the point of our contract with you being agreed.

Our pricing guide is subject to change as our business continues to grow, and we reserve the right to update this page at any time.

If you have any queries about any of our pricing information, please get in touch.


We offer a range of corporate video production services to suit your needs, either as one-off videos, a package of shorter clips, or a series of videos over time as part of an ongoing contract.

We can produce ‘interview’-style videos, where we will record a video interview with you at an appropriate location so that you can showcase your organisation’s products and capabilities. This will usually be done in the style of an on-site ‘news report’-style interview, with a minimum of two cameras, but alternative formats can also be discussed as required. Extra footage can also be recorded on-site to cut sequences into the interview, for an additional cost.

We can produce corporate videos for websites and social media, where we will produce a promotional video for your business or organisation. We will incorporate your branding and pertinent information, using style-appropriate music and editing techniques. This type of video will usually be around 2-3 minutes long and will be used to showcase a particular product or capability, or your organisation as a whole, which you can use on your own website and social media platforms.

We can produce or assist with voiceovers for videos. We can write and record a voiceover for your corporate video, which will be used to further enhance your showcase video and present key information in a professional and informative manner. If you would prefer to record the voiceover yourself, we will provide assistance with writing a script and can provide recording equipment to capture it where required. We will tweak and time the corporate video when editing to ensure that the voiceover information matches the images being shown, to deliver a punchy and professional production.

Any of our video production offerings can be combined to form a bespoke package to your own design. You may wish to produce a video that is part-interview and part-corporate showcase, or film at a variety of locations to gather footage from different corporate and public environments. You may need a longer video to provide a more in-depth piece about a certain topic. You may choose to create a ‘vlog’-style video, or include animation to visually explain complicated features.


We offer a variety of photography options, and as with our videography services we can combine any number of them into a bespoke package to suit your needs. Often, we will produce a variety of photo and video products at the same time, minimising the time we need to spend on-site and thus the disruption to your workday.

We can produce headshots for your team members, ready to use in your internal literature or on your website. We can photograph your team in action in their work environment, showcase processes or machinery, or photograph your products on-site or in our studio.


We offer a range of marketing solutions, including designing and building your website, optimising your existing website for better search engine results, producing articles for your blog or social media page, and producing podcast and video content.

We are inbound marketing experts and can provide general marketing advice and training through consultations with your team. We can work with you to develop your marketing strategy, lead workshops for generating content ideas, and build a solid foundation for your onward marketing activities.

Our team are trained in and familiar with the Hubspot sales and marketing platform, and we are working towards becoming a Solutions Partner, meaning that we can help you to harness the power of the world’s most powerful marketing system and integrate it into your business.

We publish an online magazine, The Metal Magazine, where we have full editorial control over the content and advertising, and can showcase your company or organisation through interviews or editorial-style pieces, while distributing it throughout the metal and engineering sector.

Brand strategy

The visual language that you use to convey your marketing messages is often even more important than the message itself.

Your website, photography, social media posts, logo design, vehicle branding, email communications and the quality of your product or service are all outward representations of your company, and it is essential that you give a clear, consistent message to your clients and potential customers.

If you removed your company logo from your website and advertising, would your customers still recognise it as being ‘you’?

Whether you need help with designing the customer journey through your website, improving your ‘style’ and how you’d like to be perceived, or designing a new logo and colour scheme, we will work with you to tap into what makes you different from your competition and develop your brand’s messaging.


We can produce and manage paid advertising campaigns for your company or organisation, using Google Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media and web platforms.

The cost of our advertising services will be quoted to separately show the cost of our services and the cost of the advertising budgets on each platform, so that you know exactly where your money is going and can track the return on your advertising spend.

Each of our videography and photography options are priced to include payment for sufficient editing time prior to delivery.

The majority of our clients are based in the UK, and where we are able to travel to and from a site within a reasonable time we will not charge additional expenses for travel.

Where overnight stays are required, we expect that the client will pay a reasonable amount for accommodation and food, and we will discuss these requirements in our initial scoping conversation.

For clients based abroad, or where our UK clients wish for us to accompany them on foreign visits, we expect again that all travel and accommodation costs are covered. For safety purposes and due to the value and amount of equipment we require, it is our policy that we will always send at least two members of our team on foreign videography and photography engagements, and so we may require additional notice to undertake such engagements to ensure that our team are available to travel.