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14-15 September 2022

We specialise in video, audio, web and print marketing

We bring a wealth of knowledge about the metal and engineering sectors and can help you to engage with your customers

Video production services

Based in Birmingham, England, we offer end-to-end videography solutions for corporate and commercial projects.

Primarily targeted at the metal and engineering sectors, we bring a breadth of knowledge about the industry to produce video segments that promote businesses in ways that other mediums simply cannot.

We combine our deep understanding of the metal industry, our skills in marketing and our love of storytelling to create promotional videos that are engaging, entertaining and informative. In a climate where having fresh new content for your social media campaigns is vital and video communications are becoming ever-more normal, using video as a medium can offer an insight into your organisation that words alone cannot provide.

  • Introduce your customers to new products, services, locations, people or ideas.
  • Deliver news and tell the market what’s happening with your business.
  • Animate complicated processes or simplify big ideas.
  • Create training videos that engage your staff and simplify onboarding and upskilling.

Online marketing solutions

We are experts in digital marketing, and use our web design and social media skills to deliver and maintain a strong online presence, build brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales for companies across the full range of metal and engineering sectors.

We offer comprehensive marketing solutions that are affordable, lay the groundwork for success and are able to grow with your company.

We will help you get an edge over your competitors, bring in quality traffic and maximise conversions, all while providing the support and guidance you need to stay ahead.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Over our numerous years of working in the industry, we have built connections across a broad spectrum of metal and engineering companies, and keep close daily contact via a variety of different platforms and mediums.

We run a popular podcast series called The Metal Guys Talk Business, where Peter Comerford and Michael Bolton from Comton Group interview key players in the metal and engineering sector and discuss a range of topics related to the metal industry and to business more generally.

We also publish an online magazine, The Metal Magazine, where we have full editorial control over the content and advertising, and can showcase your company or organisation through interviews or editorial-style pieces, while distributing it throughout the metal and engineering sector.

Brand strategy

A ‘brand’ is a difficult concept to define, yet it is what makes you distinct from your competition. It is the cumulative effect of all of the ways that you portray your company.

The visual language that you use to convey your marketing messages is often even more important than the message itself.

Your website, photography, social media posts, logo design, vehicle branding, email communications and the quality of your product or service are all outward representations of your company, and it is essential that you give a clear, consistent message to your clients and potential customers.

If you removed your company logo from your website and advertising, would your customers still recognise it as being ‘you’?

Whether you need help with designing the customer journey through your website, improving your ‘style’ and how you’d like to be perceived, or advice about your social media strategy, we will work with you to tap into what makes you different from your competition and develop your brand’s messaging.

Case Studies

See examples of some of the recent work we’ve completed.

  • Short-form videos for KR Saws’ website and social media.

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  • Corporate showcase and interview videos for Steel Dynamics UK.

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  • Video and social media content for the re-branded Optima Metal Services.

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  • Promotional videos and interviews with Anglo Stainless.

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  • Short-form videos to introduce the Hydroscand team to their clients.

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  • Social media videos to support the launch of the new Flocon website.

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  • “It is daunting. None of us got into our profession to be on TV and yet here we are thrown in at the deep end as presenters, sometime actors and camera men… Pete makes this now important side of our digital marketing genuinely enjoyable, often amusing and not as difficult as we thought it might be!

    “Most importantly it is a very useful tool in getting our company’s skills and products out to people in a way that is informative and entertaining rather than the hard sell, which to my mind is a much better way of getting our message out there.”

    Anthony Millington

    Creative director, amron architectural
  • “Working with Pete has added creativity, ideas and quality that is outside what we could achieve on our own.

    “What I like about working with Pete is that he is passionate about what he does, but also about what we do, and he invested a lot of time in helping us achieve exactly what we wanted. He is able to share ideas that have worked well for his other customers and offers suggestions for new and inventive ways to show off our capability. He also offers valuable input into our wider marketing activity, beyond the video work.”

    Rebecca Galley

    Managing Director, Hydroscand UK
  • “Pete is really passionate about social media and its benefits for business. He spoke to me about social media content, and how we could use it for our campaigns. He also created a number of short form videos, that we will be using in our content campaigns going forward.

    “If you work in the metal sector and you want video content for your business, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Pete at Comton Media.”

    Steve Brooke

    Director, Anglo Stainless


Can’t find your question? Email us!

How much do you charge?

We believe that it is really important to be open and transparent about our fees and what services we offer, so that you can be completely sure when you call us that we are capable of performing the services you require and can do so for an acceptable fee.

For this reason, we have a complete breakdown of our fees on our Pricing page.

How does the process work?

The first step is to arrange a consultation, where we will discuss your needs and requirements, provide an estimate of the timescales as appropriate to the work being undertaken, and determine a plan of action.

Throughout the process, we will work closely with you and your team to ensure that you are involved, updated and able to provide feedback, so that you can keep your stakeholders updated and receive a product or solution that you are completely satisfied with.

How long does it take?

While each project is unique, we have sufficient data from prior engagements to be able to provide an estimated timescale at the start of the process, and we will be flexible around visiting you on site at times that are convenient to you.

We will agree a timescale with you during our initial consultation, and guarantee to supply our finished work on the agreed completion date.

If you select one of our longer-term contracts, we will set milestones to deliver regular updates, offer flexible payment options, and commence renewal discussions in ample time to enable a seamless continuous service.

Couldn’t we just do this ourselves?

We’re not reinventing the wheel here. There is a good chance that you have a smartphone that is perfectly adequate for taking good quality photos and videos, and access to social media for you to share your thoughts and ideas.

Indeed, we will always recommend that you develop your own in-house marketing capabilities and become adept at representing your own brand across the various web and social media platforms.

We have an ever-growing collection of Articles that will teach you a variety of tips and tricks and enable you to level up your marketing skills.

We want you to call us, though, when you need to draw on our experience to discuss ideas and design processes, when your proposed project is bigger than you feel that you can handle yourself, or if you simply want us to take on all of the marketing burden for you.

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