S01E06 – Rebecca Galley of Hydroscand

The Metal Guys Talk Business

This episode is part of our “From the Bottom to the Top” series and we are joined by Rebecca Galley who is the MD of Hydroscand UK

Rebecca has been in the industry for over 20 years and has worked for a number of large operations including SIG plc and Cromwell before landing the top job at Hydroscand UK.

This week’s episode covers:

  • Rebecca’s early career in telesales
  • Personal development, and standing out in her early career
  • Getting an MBA, and how important that has been in her progression
  • Turning around an underperforming business 
  • Overcoming gender issues in the workplace
  • Diversity in the metal and engineering sector
  • Social media, and what the plans are for Hydroscand 
  • Becoming an MD and then dealing with CoVID in 2020 
  • Rebecca’s biggest mistake and what she learned from it

Hydroscand are known for providing a range of solutions for hoses, fittings and related services, but you’ll most likely see their black and orange vans out fixing hoses on-site for customers all over Europe.

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