S01E05 – Sue Greatorex of BSS

The Metal Guys Talk Business

This episode is part of our ‘From the Bottom to the Top’ series and we are joined by Sue Greatorex who is the outgoing commercial director of BSS and current chair of the distributors’ BMTFA (British Metal Tube and Fittings Association)

Sue has had a 45 year career in the industry and worked for some some of the biggest players in the UK market. From initially working on a sales desk in her first role in the industry, she made more than 26 house moves to benefit her career rising all the way to the top of a number of major U.K. companies.

This week’s episode covers:

  • Sue’s early career
  • Personal development, and investing in yourself
  • Standing out as a woman in a male dominated market
  • Moving 26 times in her career
  • Progressing within a business
  • The differences working in independent and corporate business
  • The role of associations in developing the skill set of installers and design engineers
  • Is money the correct motivator for moving job
  • Making mistakes and what to learn from them
  • E-commerce in the plumbing and HVAC industry

If you work in the metal or engineering sector, join the conversation.

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