S01E08 – Post-Brexit misery for imports and exports

The Metal Guys Talk Business

In this episode, we were joined by Simon Hartley of J Heebink to talk all things imports and exports, and how this has changed, and may continue to change after Brexit.

J Heebink are an international logistics company servicing the Benelux, The German Ruhr, United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Simon has been working in the freight sector for almost 40 years, so he has a wealth of experience, and gave us a candid view on how imports and exports to and from Europe had been affected since January 2021, and what customers need to do going forward to maintain the flow of materials to and from Europe.

We recorded this podcast in early February 2021, just 5 weeks after the changes brought about by Brexit had begun. Take a listen to get a better understanding of what it is like being in the middle of the process, and for a variety of suggestions and advice to help you and your business in this first transition period. 

We talked about the following in this podcast:

  • Simon’s Early Career, and what J Heebink offer to their clients
  • How prepared logistics companies were for the changes that occurred in January 2021
  • How Brexit impacted on services in the first two weeks of January 2021
  • How things have changed, now we are five weeks down the line
  • What the government could have done better
  • The cost implications and the changes to freight timescales
  • How companies can work to reduce the impact of the new boarder controls
  • CoVID and it’s impact since March 2020 

If you work in the metal or engineering sector, then join the conversation. Let us know what topics you’d like us to discuss on the show, or maybe YOU could join us as a guest?

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