S01E03 – Rob Brien of Kloeckner Metals

The Metal Guys Talk Business

This is the third episode of The Metal Guys Talk Business, but our first with a guest!

This episode is part of our ‘From the Bottom to the Top’ series, featuring a conversation with Rob Brien of Kloeckner Metals.

Rob began his career for ASD Court Steel as a warehouse operative 25 years ago, and documents his journey all the way up to becoming a board member at Kloeckner in 2019.

This week’s episode covers:

  • Rob’s early career
  • Personal development, and investing in yourself during your career
  • Missing out on a job, and how to overcome rejection
  • The development of e-commerce in the metal sector
  • The future of the industry

If you work in the metal or engineering sector, join the conversation.

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