Hydroscand UK offer a range of quality hydraulic and industrial hoses, fittings and fluid transfer solutions for all industries, from agriculture to construction to waste management. With sites across the UK, they offer in-branch services as well as having a fleet of mobile hose technicians to fix hoses on-site, 24 hours a day.

Hydroscand UK were looking to increase their visibility in the market, and saw video content as a key part of their marketing mix for 2021. We were tasked with creating a variety of different types of videos for social media, as well as to support their wider marketing strategy.

Hydroscand UK are part of the wider Hydroscand Group, an international family-owned business with operations in more than 20 countries. So, it was important that we were able to showcase the scale of the business but not lose sight of the personal service that they provide to their customers.

We decided that the best way to hit this brief was to conduct several video interviews with key members of the team. These interviews were then knitted together and used to create a variety of videos that highlighted the size and capability, but also the human side of the business.

As well as creating new corporate videos, we created a ‘day in the life’ video showing what it was like to work as a mobile hose technician, and an exciting short video of the process of making a hose assembly. These videos were intended to give an insight into the company in a manner that was visually exciting and informative.

Specifically for social media, we also shot a number of short-form videos that were between 7 and 10 seconds long, which will be used to build up the profile of the business on social media, alongside their other marketing activities.

Finally, we provided Hydroscand UK with a large quantity of still images to be used in their marketing campaigns and website.

At the time of writing this summary, we have been re-booked and are looking forward to working with the team again soon.

“Video content is a key part of our marketing plans for 2021 and the future. Of course, we can create video content ourselves, but working with Pete has added creativity, ideas and quality that is outside what we could achieve on our own.

“What I like about working with Pete is that he is passionate about what he does, but also about what we do, and he invested a lot of time in helping us achieve exactly what we wanted. He is able to share ideas that have worked well for his other customers and offers suggestions for new and inventive ways to show off our capability. He also offers valuable input into our wider marketing activity, beyond the video work.

“I would recommend Pete / Comton Group. The video content is great and he will add ideas and energy alongside that.”

Rebecca Galley

Managing Director, Hydroscand UK

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