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Amron Architectural produce and supply creative metal mesh solutions, sheets, grilles and architectural drapery. They work closely with architects and interior designers to create bespoke installations for unique spaces.

The team at Amron were already firm believers in the power of video as a marketing tool, and approached us to help them level up their productions and increase their reach.

Our recruitment division worked with Amron to find them a new Creative Marketing Executive, and we’ve subsequently helped them to produce a variety of ‘meet the expert’ and behind-the-scenes videos to showcase their business, as well as featuring articles from Managing Director Jonathan Reed in The Metal Magazine.

The primary project that we’ve been involved with to date is the production of their ‘Meet The Expert’ series, where they go into detail about how their products are made, why certain techniques are used, and Jonathan Reed conducts the interviews with various experts in their own business and in suppliers’ businesses.

As Jonathan is more comfortable on camera than perhaps some of our other clients, it was novel for us to facilitate the production of these videos and coach both the interviewer and interviewee simultaneously, but we’re really pleased with how the videos turned out.

Amron Architectural are not unlike a lot of other companies in the metal industry, in that their service and product offering is quite niche and potentially difficult to explain to outside parties.

Exhibiting at trade shows is one way of meeting people and explaining what you can do, but the advantage of producing videos is that you can show the products being made, the environment they’re being produced in, you only need to explain it once, and you can share the video with far more people than you would expect to speak to at any exhibition.

Think about the kind of questions you get asked frequently, or the subjects you discuss often with your clients, and then think about whether it would be better to create some videos to explain your responses to them (hint: we think it is).


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