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Van Leeuwen are suppliers of an ever-expanding range of pipes, tubes, bars, hollow sections, beams, pipe components, gaskets and valves.

The company is headquartered in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands, and is globally active with 78 offices and 33 warehouse locations across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America.

We’ve been working with Van Leeuwen UK since 2021, producing a series of showcase interviews with key team members and news content that we’ve shared through The Metal Magazine.

Producing videos like these gives the company the opportunity to share news internally with the staff across their various sites, as well as externally to current and prospective clients.

Using team members to tell the story, rather than presenting and explaining it ourselves as a third party, has the benefit of allowing those team members to boost their personal brand and show the face behind the name that clients may have been dealing with.

Numerous studies show that allowing employees to share news and advocate on behalf of the business on social media platforms can increase engagement and expand reach further than sharing news on the company page normally would.

By speaking with authority about a subject, they assert that they – and by proxy the organisation – know what they are talking about, and establish themselves as top-of-mind when people have questions or are ready to purchase.

The worry is that the people you choose to represent your company might not be comfortable speaking on camera, but at Comton Media we are experts in putting people at ease and asking the right questions for them to deliver the desired outcome.

The features we created for The Metal Magazine allow the company to share news content with thousands of people across the metal and engineering sectors.

Having the opportunity to interview the Managing Director of the business meant that the news could be delivered authoritatively, directly from the source, and so meant that the video would have a broader appeal and garner interest from people who didn’t ordinarily get to hear someone in that position speak publicly about decisions that the business had made.


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