BM Steel

BM Steel (formerly Barclay & Mathieson) are distinguished, JOSCAR-accredited suppliers of steel, composite and glass products. With in-stock steel products including universal beams, universal columns, rounds, hollow section, bright bars and many more, they have an extensive product range to cater for any requirement.

In early 2022, BM Steel began to focus on expanding their service offering even further and invested in a state-of-the-art plasma-cutting machine.

They asked us to help them to promote their new in-house processing capability, which we did by shooting a promotional video and writing an article to accompany it in the June 2022 edition of The Metal Magazine.

We strongly believe that using video is the best way to explain complex topics or promote news, and doing so with people from the company or organisation telling their story themselves really adds weight to the story.

If you have chosen to invest a not-insignificant amount of money in a new piece of machinery, which enables you to offer a new or improved service, you need to tell people about it, otherwise how would anyone know that you now have those capabilities?

The team know more about their products and services than anyone, and having them speak on behalf of the company adds a human touch to what could otherwise be a faceless organisation.

By speaking with authority about a subject, they assert that they – and by proxy the organisation – know what they are talking about, and establish themselves as top-of-mind when people have questions or are ready to purchase.

The worry is that the people you choose to represent your company might not be comfortable speaking on camera, but at Comton Media we are experts in putting people at ease and asking the right questions for them to deliver the desired outcome.

We know the metal industry, so unlike other video production companies, we can speak in a language that your team will understand. We can ask the right questions and highlight the most important parts in the edit, which enables us to produce video content that appeals to your clients and viewers.

The team at BM Steel really understand the value of producing video content as part of their marketing strategy, and we look forward to working with them again soon!


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