S02E01 – The fastest-growing laser cutting company in the UK

The Metal Guys Talk Business

Season 2 kicks off with a visit to FC Laser: the fastest-growing laser cutting company in the UK.

We were joined by CEO Danny Fantom and Managing Director Daryl Lowe to talk about:

  • All things laser
  • The meteoric rise of their business since 2011
  • The outlook for laser in the UK
  • The business becoming an employee-owned business in 2020

This podcast was recorded in May 2021, so the business has moved on apace since we were first on site. Danny and Daryl spoke about growing a start-up business in the UK Manufacturing sector from scratch.

Featured in the podcast are subjects including buying the best equipment you can afford, slices of luck along the way, doing every job in the business, COVID, building a strong and reliable team, the future outlook for the laser industry in the UK, and becoming an owner-managed business in 2020.

Visit the FC Laser website to find out more about their products and services: www.fclaser.co.uk

Cheers to Danny and Daryl of FC Laser, and to Matt Tipper for jumping in as a guest host.

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